Our story

Bridging Gaps and Partnering with Communities

Mission: Coalition for Refugees from Burma (CRB) promotes the self-sufficiency of newcomer communities such as immigrants and refugees by helping them access services and educational opportunities, while preserving traditional customs. We seek to transform newcomer communities to become advocates, and to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate social support services to improve the living conditions and quality of life.

CRB was founded in 2009 to help bridge service gaps experienced by recently arrived refugees from Burma. Since then, CRB has consistently implemented high-quality, accessible programs that serve communities in the right way, at the right time.

Our programs are centered around three foundational concepts:

(1) Families are partners in our work, and we continually seek their input on the services we offer.
(2) Programs are always education based, because we believe knowledge is power and the way to a better future.
(3) We recognize that dedicated leadership exists within each community, and we partner with these leaders to serve their communities in culturally responsive ways.

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