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Welcome to our new blog

The Coalition for Refugees from Burma (CRB) is creating a new blog and we are excited to have you join us as we begin this exciting new journey! Since 2009 CRB has been working to support recently arrived immigrants and refugees. You may be wondering, ‘why make a blog now?’ Glad you asked…

This includes Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, along with our new and improved website! As we continue to grow and adapt our programs, we want to ensure that our supporters can stay informed on multiple platforms. We have so much to say and we want you to stay engaged!

So many fun activities

While we continue to help new community members achieve self-sufficiency through education, we have expanded our programs to include parent technology training so that they can check on their children’s grades, apply for jobs, and develop a social-media presence such as on LinkedIn. We are also proud of our newly developed Refugee and Immigrant Youth Advisory Council (RIYAC). RIYAC consists of amazingly determined and adventurous youth taking on the challenges they see and listening to fellow community members, as they work to promote systemic changes. We want to take every opportunity we can to cheer on our participants as they excel at subjects including but not limited to; common core, community advocacy, English language practice, and computer skills.

We want to show off our Volunteers!

In order to maintain all of our programing, we rely a great deal on dedicated volunteers as they contribute their time, skills, and happy attitudes to our mission. We intend to show our gratitude through regular updates on volunteer contributions and making sure to shine a well-deserved spotlight on each one. They will share their favorite experiences and advice for other volunteers and interested parties.

Thanks again for joining us! Stay tuned-in for more exciting updates ☺

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